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Donating Our Time and Resources

"The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things."

President Ronald Regan

The Original Community Support

After America joined the war on December 8th, 1941 the american people were called to fight. Those who were left behind were called upon to support the troops in any way they could. Adults were asked to buy War Bonds, the children were asked to collect scrap metal and most famously the women were ask to work. In two years six million women joined the work force and the iconic story of "Rosie The Riviter" began. The Vetrans returned home in 1945 and started replaying the poeple for all of there support.

VFW Post 2252 Community Services

The VFW is honored to be able to support their community in many ways. They have purchased and installed flag poles for local schools and stadiums and have donated the flags used. On patriotic holidays, the VFW places flags on Main Street and First Avenue West and help maintain the poles, flags and holders.

VFW members are happy to be able to help the youth in the community as well. Not only do they donate money to help less fortunate children participate at SBGi, but they also sponsor teams in basketball, rugby, dodge ball and softball and contribute money to youth groups who need help traveling after winning at a local level. They proudly participate in Toys for Tots and every year on the Fourth of July, the VFW hosts a Kid's Carnival where all the games are free and everyone is a winner. VFW members also willingly donate their time as special guests at schools for patriotic holidays.

In an effort to contribute to the community, the VFW makes donations to non-profit organizations and benefits when approached and loan medical equipment to community members in need.

The Men's Auxillary offers a $500.00 scholarship and the VFW offers other scholarships as well, such as the Patriot's Pen, Voice of Democracy and Teacher's Award.

This is just a sample of what the VFW strives to do for our community and our youth. Besides providing services for Veterans, members reach out to create a spirit of cooperation and respect.

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